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Server Infrastructure Intelligence
ServerIR is an easily integrated, appliance-based solution that provides critical intelligence for effectively managing server infrastructure. ServerIR collects existing inventory, utilization and cost data in a non-intrusive manner and transforms it into useful and actionable information, server infrastructure intelligence.

Consolidation and Virtualization
At-a-glance visibility into inefficient areas points the way to improvements and cost savings. Examine utilization planning peaks to identify ghost/idle servers. Use ServerIR's VM Candidates report to evaluate and quantify opportunities to reduce cost and complexity via virtualization. Inefficient Resource Pools reporting lets you easily identify overprovisioned clusters and load balances.

Establish Baselines and Benchmarks
If you're not measuring, how do you really know how you're doing? ServerIR's operational efficiency coefficient (OEC) provides a normalized metric for evaluating your server environment. Set your own OEC baseline and monitor your progress as you implement efficiency improvements. Use OEC reporting to demonstrate results.

Cost Allocation and Chargeback
Determine the cost of your server infrastructure and allocate those costs to services and business units based on usage. Set pricing for services based on usage, cost and other factors. Use cost allocation and chargeback to bring visibility to users about the services they consume. Influence and incentivize users toward more efficient services.