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A Unique Approach
At its core, ServerIR is a data repository/analysis engine that collects, processes and stores server infrastructure data and presents the resulting intelligence via a web-based reporting interface. Several important features make this a truly unique solution:

Agent-less Data Collection
ServerIR leverages data you already have (and may already be collecting). ServerIR collects data directly from servers via standard interfaces (e.g., WMI for your Windows environment). Data may also be imported from other sources (e.g., exports from other management systems). ServerIR can even take advantage of agents you may already have deployed.

Low Risk, Low TCO Solution
ServerIR is packaged as a subscription-based service, delivered on a pre-configured appliance. You avoid all the startup and deployment costs typically involved in enterprise management software solutions. Better still, unlike other service solutions, ServerIR runs in (and collected data remains in) your environment. You reap the benefits of server infrastructure intelligence quickly and easily, within your control and without excessive upfront costs.

Four Dimensions of Server Infrastructure Intelligence
Gain unprecedented visibility into your server environment:

Analysis: unique metrics for at-a-glance assessment of operational efficiency (including cost, power and space), asset utilization, cost savings opportunities and other areas.

Perspectives: the ability to examine dedicated and virtualized server resources, bringing out the relationships between physical servers, server images and the logical resources they comprise.

Grouping: the ability to examine your server environment based on configuration, logistical and business parameters.

Drill-down: the ability to navigate between views of your entire server environment, more focused views of particular groups of servers and detailed views of individual servers.